_In this page you can listen to some works that i have done between 1999 and 2005, are very heterogeneous, each linked to different contexts, presented in alphabetical order.

  1. Aut Aut and Persefone: from the self produced CD "The return of steady state" (2000)
  2. Inside box: is a composition based on sampled sounds from Alessandro Bosetti's CD's, realased during my electronic music studies with the Maestro Elio Martusciello (2005)
  3. Interi_eur: from the _paganmuzak live (Teather "Nanni Loy" - Festival "Microonde" 1999)
  4. Laplop presenta: "La bella stagione" is a composition that was selected from the jury of the 18th International Competition of Electroacoustic Music "L. Russolo", in the section "music for the radio" (1996)
  5. K#2 is a very little excerpt from a live performance i have done with Z'ev and Mario Massa during the Kontakte #2 festival (2002)
  6. MORTEM: is an electroacoustic composition (2003)
  7. Tribute to Zeder: from a live performance i have done with Corrado Altieri duringthe Kontakte #3 festival (2003)
  8. Trojan: is a part of the soundtrack of a video called "Death ambient"